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As an activist for the Per-Una brand, I have come to learn a lot about the label it's self, and have now decided to share my knowledge with the eBay community.

Per-Una has many label designs within it's collection. The labels appear as follows:

  • The most popular label is Grey with the Per-Una label in white writing. This is usually the main, front feature of Per-Una and is known as Per-Una ORIGINALS.
Per-Una Originals is usually front feature within its collection. It hosts items most suitable for women aged approx. 30-40yrs. Its for the modern woman with a keen eye for fashion, at a low, affordable price. The 2008-2009 update to the label, is that it has 3 of the famous Per Una hearts at the end in pink. This is how you can spot if you have new stock or old stock sent to you.

  • Next, is Per-Una 3 Hearts.This is usually a black label and features 3 Hearts in white, with the middle heart being slightly bigger.
Per-Una 3 hearts holds the tailoring of the brand. 3 hearts tailoring is for all ages, however, 3 hearts clothing line, is specifically designed for the older Per-Una customer, aged 40+ who wants to dress more sophisticated. Think *work wear*.

  • For the younger fan of Per-Una, we have Per-Una Due. This label is usually has a pink background with Per-Una Due in white.
Per-Una Due is for the funky customer, who likes a slight spin with her wardrobe. Designed for women aged 18-30 who want to make a cutting edge statement.

***Per Una Due is now discontinued throughout the business so you will not see this label (unless you purchase very old stock from wholesalers off eBay and the likes) ***

  • Per-Una also do a range of sleepwear. This is simply called Per-Una Sleepwear. This will have a white label with Per-Una in pink.
Per-Una Sleepwear is designed for every woman. It simply depends on what you love wearing to bed.

  • Per-Una has a range of exclusive pieces, the less expensive of the two is called Per-Una Speziale. This will be a black label with Per-Una in white, and the word Speziale in a free-hand scroll.
Per-Una Speziale uses fine materials. Most of the pieces are created and designed in Italy. They are for the modern stylish woman aged 30 plus who wants an expensive item to jazz up her current outfit.

  • Whereas, Per-Una Collezione Italia is the TOP RANGE in Per-Una. This is also a black label, and has Collezione Italia in free-hand scroll only.
Per-Una Collezione Italia is for the modern lady who wants to indulge her self with the finer things in life. Coats can range up to £250 and will be made of the finest Italian fabrics. All items are made and designed in Italy, but only come in small quantities. Collezione Italia is a limited range and sells out very fast, despite the price tag.

  • Every year, around October, Per-Una create a unique collection of evening wear. This is called Per-Una Party wear. The label is black, and has Per-Una in white writing.
Per-Una Party wear is designed for all ages and all price tags. A dress can range from £39.50 - £149.50. Each piece you choose will be suitable for your choice of style. Age range is 18-100.

  • Last year, George Davies (Head of Per-Una) created a line exclusively called Per-Una GD 25. This is a  silver label with GD 25 in white only.
Per-Una GD 25 featured just 25 pieces with a silver, contemporary twist. They were limited to just 25 days on sale in selected Per-Una stores and sold out VERY FAST. Per-Una GD 25 was designed for all ages, and included shoes, jewellery and accessories.


Per-Una also do a range of shoes, Lingerie & beauty products including electrical. These all have the Per-Una 3 heart logo on them, usually in white, but can sometimes come in a shade of pink with Per-Una writing underneath. The middle heart is bigger than the outer two.

Per Una clothing is now stand alone on department T69 ONLY. Since George Davies left the business November 2008, Per Una has been merged with M&S and striped of it's "Right to stand out". M&S now officially own the Per Una brand and so have merged the following Per Una items into M&S's own department codes. They are the following:

  • Per Una Accessories now fall under M&S department T01 - Summer 2009 update

  • Per-Una shoes are still T02
  • Per Una Jewellery is now T06 - Autumn 2009 update
  • Per Una beauty (which includes: Make-up, Hair products, Electrical & fragrance) are all still T22
  • Per Una Night wear is now T31 - Summer 2009 update
  • Per Una lingerie is still T81 which again falls under the M&S lingerie department.
  • Per Una Bags are now T83 - Summer 2009 update

And finally, Per Una have relaunched their Jewellery packaging so it is more "in keeping" with the rest of M&S jewellery department. It has changed from the black square cardboard design/wrap around cardboard design for bracelets to a plastic alternative. You now see this in store. The older stock with the black cardboard backing will most probably be filtered off into the wholesalers on eBay etc.

I hope all of this isn't too mind blowing, and I hope you now have a complete understanding of the Per-Una label at Marks & Spencer.

XK-Boutique. xx

Oh p.s. please, please can you rate this guide, and vote by either saying it was helpful or not, the link is just under this guide, it would mean the world to me, and it only takes a second of your time. Thanks once again. x

- 23rd October 2009 edited.

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