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Sure, you have a wardrobe overflowing with stuff you don't wear...but just what is the best stuff to sell, and what is best left in the wardrobe for another day? Need cash? Need space? This is the guide for you!!! I have compiled a list of the garments I've found to be the best sellers on eBay.

  • Anything Topshop/Jane Norman/River Island: So...they're just high-street brands....but they're THE high street brands. A plain old Topshop polo shirt will often sell for double its New Look counterpart. Jane Norman tops are pretty much GUARANTEED sellers. You put a Jane Norman top on eBay with a decent photo and you can usually guarantee yourself a fiver. River Island's mix of vintage-style looks with modern sexy twists are very, very popular on eBay. I'm yet to fail to sell an item branded Topshop, Jane Norman or River Island. Moto jeans are awesome sellers, only beaten in success by, yep, you guessed it...River Island jeans! Topshop's Baxter skinny jeans are an exception, occasionally selling for more than their new price of £40.
  • Vintage-style cami tops: You know what I'm talking about. They're the silky strappy tops with lace detailing and occasionally some beading and sequins. They've been around for a couple of years now, they suit absolutely everybody and they are amazingly versatile. Summer, winter, jeans, skirts....they are suitable for any thing and any time. Wear them to the office? Wear them to a summer wedding? Wear them to a first date? Wear them to a club? No problem! For this reason, whether they're from H&M or Karen Millen, they always sell well.
  • Cheap tacky dresses: It sounds weird, but the cheap lycra dress you bought off a market stall for a tenner last year could easily make more than that on eBay if you have a decent picture. My example is when I bought a fiver's worth of black lycra from Camden Market I thought I'd wear it to every club in town. I ended up wearing it once because it had to be yanked down every 3 minutes to avoid the world seeing my pasty bum. When I sold it on eBay I got the boyfriend to take a picture of me wearing it....and went on to make £23! I expect the buyer ended up with the same problem as me....but hey, maybe she liked it!
  • Name brand zip-up hoodies: Zip-up hooded tops always sell well to the emo set that inhabit eBay (love you guys!). But certain branded hoodies are really big sellers. There was a time when a trendy girl-about-town wasn't seen without her baby pink hoodie with FC on one side and UK on the other. Yep, if you can dig yours out of the back of your wardrobe you could be sitting on a mini-fortune. Mine made nearly a tenner! Which isn't bad seeing as I'd no longer be seen dead in it. I also sold a Diesel hoodie for a tenner and a DKNY hoodie for even more!
  • Un-named brand zip-up hoodies: OK, so the FCUK and Diesel hoodies of the world sell to one kind of eBayer. But as I've said before, emo and punk buyers go for zippy tops that are unbranded. I sold several hoodies with zips from Warehouse, H&M, Topshop and er a market stall for around a fiver a piece. All to buyers with names like 'cyber_chick' and 'emogal'. Worth thinking about.
  • Goth and cyber clothing: I know that gothic clothing and cyber clothing from famous brands such as Battery Organic, Raven, Cyberdog and Black Rose are expensive new, but you are likely to get a large percentage of your money back if you sell them on eBay. However real money can be made just from looking at an item from another point of view. A plain white tight t-shirt? NO! It's a tight sexy white cyber top! In your listing just put "great under UV with a Battery Organic top" and your white combats could sell for £20 instead of £2. It's all about appealing to your audience. Likewise, a black lacy top can be a black gothic lacy top, and watch the bids fly. Long black gypsy skirts in the winter are long black goth skirts.
  • Polka dot garments: If it's got spots, it will sell. 50s style clothing is big business. Spotty dresses are massively popular on eBay, as are spotty A-line skirts. I sold a plain old red H&M cotton strappy top for £14 last week. Why? Because it was covered in black spots!
  • Stripy tops: Stripy stuff is popular in the same way as polka dot stuff.
  • Retro kids TV tops! Remember Rainbow? Sooty? The Care Bears? My Little Pony? Button Moon? Dangermouse? Of course you do! I'm 22 and those kids shows made up most of my childhood. If I could get away with it they'd make up most of my adult hood too. However, what looks cute and kooky when you're in your late teens and early 20s starts to look a bit weird and sad when you hit 25. Not to be rude, but sell sell sell. I actually weakened and paid £15 for a My Little Pony vest and £9 for a Button Moon t-shirt. If you can bear to part with them, you'll be rolling in the dosh.
  • Evening dresses (at certain times): There are 2 times of year to sell your evening dresses and ball gowns. The month leading up to Christmas (for self-explanatory reasons), and from early April - mid May. Why then? It's not even proper summer weather yet! I'll tell you why. The month of May is when the schools and colleges have their leaving balls (our American friends call them 'proms'). If you sell your evening wear any other time of the year you're liable to make zero pence. Seriously. I sold a Monsoon dress last August....for £4. And it was gorgeous. I am a singer and have to take part in these horrific 'Las Vegas Nights' where I have to dress in sparkle and sing show-stoppers. S when I had to buy a dress in September I turned to eBay. Guess who paid £2.50 for a full length, brand new Jane Norman black dress covered in sequins? MEEEEEEEEEEEE! So sell near Christmas, and NEVER just after.
There ya go....some ideas for what to sell the next time you need holiday money or just room in your wardrobe. Good luck! Take a look at my other guides for how to price, list and photograph your items.

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