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Hi there,

After playing the excellent GTA 4 on the PS3, i just have to say WOW! This is by far the best ever game that i have played on. The gameplay and adictiveness are both far beyond what i expected! My social life has gone down the drain and somehow...i like it.

These are the a few of the cheats that i have gathered and sourced, hope you enjoy them!

To get into the cheat mode

When playing the game normally press (Up) to show Niko's cell phone. You will need to press (Up) again so you can access the keypad. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Once you have entered the one of the following codes correctly you will not have to enter it again as a new "Options" menu will come up that allows you to access all the cheats you have entered. If you would like to avoid problems, DONT SAVE THE GAME after entering cheats!!

1. Full Health and Armor - Dial - 3625550100

2. Weapons #1 - Dial - 4865550100 (The best weapon on GTA4 - The MP5 is on this set of weapons)

3. Weapons #2 - Dial - 4865550150  (The uzi is located on this cheat)

4. No Wanted Level - 2675550100

There are not many ways that you can improve a game like GTA 4 but adding these cheats will give you access all areas!!!!!!



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