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Bought one from an eBay seller, a 58cc model. It's sold as suitable for domestic use.
Chainsaws sold in this country have to meet basic safety legislation, and the one I bought did not. The first thing I noticed was that the chain brake is ineffective.
When put to use the machine shed it's chain a couple of times, damaging the self oiling mechanism. I've been around chainsaws for quite a while and the chain was correctly fitted and tensioned.
It went back to the seller (MJ Tools) and their service was good. They did their best to put the faults right and when a chainsaw (I don't think it was the same one) was returned the chain brake worked after a fashion, sufficiently well for me to consider it safe.
Unfortunately it still shed it's chain in the ten minutes of use it was put to before the pull start mechanism failed. Total running time in all about two hours. Needless to say I won't get my money back as I've been told it's out of their one month warranty period, even though it's not of merchantable quality.
Don't waste your money--if the factory that made the machine I bought had spent more on quality control and I'd paid twice as much for  better machine, it really would have been the bargain it appears to be.
Either go and buy a good second hand branded machine or nip in to your local B & Q, Homebase or whatever and buy their own branded machine if all you want is something for use in the garden. What they sell does work safely and is not expensive. 
In view of the fact that many domestic users don't employ safety gear, the safe operation of their machine is vital. Failed chain brakes and shedding chains are not at all good. What are your body parts worth to you?
MJ Tools got good feedback from me because of the speed of their service. If you purchase any of these chinese chainsaws, use it for a while before giving feedback. That way you won't distort the feedback score in the way I (and probably many others) did.

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